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Community Café


Brief Introduction

The building which is annexed to the North of St Mary’s Church was built in 1907 as Vestries.  It received some work a few years ago and is in good condition, and is presently an open hall with fully functioning kitchen.  There is a separate entranceway off North Church Street and into the gardens, and also accessible through the church



We have been exploring the idea of creating a Community Café, taking advantage of our situation near the city centre, and closely surrounded by various existing and proposed developments, as well as being on the tourist route from the city centre to the bay.


We anticipate that any food project in this venue will be shaped by and grown from the other proposals explored in this document, and for it to be a place of encounter and enabling.


We want to engage with those often socially excluded because of circumstances or disability, whether through agencies working with people who are homeless, probation services, or those with special needs, etc, and building confidence, pride, and self-worth,


Working alongside The Hearth we want it to be a place where skills can be learned, employment prospects improved, value given, and from which social enterprises and small business can emerge within the food and hospitality sector, and other related sectors.


As a food outlet for the local community, tourists, students and those who work in the city which is growing around us and close to us, it will be a vibrant meeting point.


It will have a focus on healthy food and environmental sustainability, addressing food waste, food poverty, and fair trade.  We want this space to be a flexible space, so that the café area, outside times of operation, can also be used as a meeting space for various activities, either community or for local organisations and businesses.  In terms of physically adapting this space for such a proposed use, we believe that the cost would be fairly low.    We are looking for interested parties to help shape a project with heart and soul.








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