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Faithful Cardiff


Brief Introduction

Butetown has a reputation as a multi religious, multi-cultural community.  However, the whole of Cardiff also celebrates such an inheritance.  Today, there is a pressing need for an increase in knowledge and understanding of different religions and cultures, so that communities can be strengthened, and individuals and families flourish and grow within a tolerant, accepting and supporting society.



We would like to engage with the Local Authority to explore the possibility of utilizing a building as a suitable home to a project which could benefit both the immediate community of Butetown and the city as a whole, as well as having an influence beyond, with the following possible aims:


To celebrate the important part that faith and religion has played in the life and growth of Cardiff throughout the years and in the present day: historically, culturally, politically and in the emergence and growth of communities.  This can be achieved through displays and artefacts, events and workshops.


To provide a means through which people can grow in knowledge and understanding of different faiths.


To provide a learning environment and engagement centre for schools, engaging creatively with the National Curriculum in Wales, and to explore what it means to be ‘Welsh and multicultural’ particularly in regard to Welsh language and culture.


To provide a Welcome Centre for tourists and visitors to Cardiff, to enrich their experience of the city and guide them to points of interest with religious significance and to help them appreciate the diverse nature of Cardiff, including both its history and its present day living.


To provide a neutral space through which peoples of different religions can relate to one another.


To nurture reconciliation, peace and understanding, to accept and value diversity.


To provide a resource to organisations and businesses for them to more fully understand and respond to the religious and cultural needs of their employees, members, clients and/or service users.