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On the night before he died Jesus gathered with his closest friends and followers in an upstairs room and there he broke bread and handed it to them. 'This is my body,' he said. He took a cup of wine, again gave thanks, and offered it to them. 'Drink this,' he said. 'This is the cup of my blood.'


And so, expressing the giving of himself on the cross that he was about to embrace, he gave himself to them in bread and wine and commanded them to 'Do this in remembrance of me.' After Jesus' resurrection from the dead the followers of Jesus were characterised by this regular breaking of bread, for there they followed his command and discovered his presence in their lives.

And so, in following Jesus' command to do this in remembrance of him, we break bread in the Mass (also called the Eucharist, Holy Communion, The Lord's Supper). In the Mass we discover Jesus: his love is poured out in wine, he gives himself to us as broken bread.


'The Eucharist,' said Henri Nouwen, 'is the most ordinary and divine gesture imaginable.' We sit for a meal (what could be more ordinary!) but in the meal we discover the presence of Jesus. And so in the Mass, we really do make a meal of Christ's love!


Please do join us on Sunday or any time throughout the week as we celebrate the Mass and make a meal of Christ's love!

Our Parish Mass on Sunday at 11.00 am at St Mary's is always a joyful occasion, with all ages represented.


We use a lovely blend of traditional and modern music, and the Mass is celebrated in both a relaxed and dignified way.


The Mass involves many different people: from proclaiming the Scriptures and leading the people in prayer, to presenting the gifts of bread and wine at the altar, serving and singing, as well as, of course, those involved in our Children’s Ministry and the Ministry of Welcome and Hospitality.


An important part of our celebrations is our time together after Mass.  Tea and coffee is available, and all are warmly invited to join us.




Sunday Mass


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