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We have been exploring the way our car park is managed including how it can be used as a source of income.  Recently, we have begun to make some of our spaces available for hire to JustPark customers who book and pay online.


We control what times and how many spaces are available each day so that priority is given to visitors to the church during times of worship and other activities and events, including funerals.  There are also some occasions – for example, when there are large events in the city - when we will maximise the spaces available so that we can take advantage of an increased revenue.


This change in use means that our car park is not freely available to anyone who is not visiting the site for a specific purpose or who has not paid through JustPark – except by special arrangement (Please see below).


Non Paying Drivers


When permission is given to a non-paying driver, an authorised parking permit must be received and displayed, and park only in the space allotted to them, and for the time agreed.


This is extremely important as we are considering allowing JustPark to monitor and manage the whole car park for us.  If we agree to this, they will need to know who has been authorised to park here.  It will also mean that we will need to remove that particular parking space for an agreed time from the JustPark website before it is booked by a paying customer.


If these rules are not followed, it could mean that a paying customer won’t find the parking space they have booked and paid for, and will be unlikely to make another booking with us or give us a good review on the website.


Members of St Mary’s Church

Unless visiting the church for worship, meetings or other events and activities, the car park is not available to members of the congregation (unless, of course, you are a JustPark customer).  If you are visiting the vicarage, the two spaces closest to the house are reserved for this purpose.  The third space is reserved solely for the residents of St Anne’s.  If there is a particular reason you would like to use the car park free of charge, then you must request permission and display a Parking Permit.



One car park space will be reserved during the time that the office is open.  Additional spaces must be arranged with us.  If you are hosting an event or meeting on site for which a specific number of car parking spaces are required, then please get in touch immediately to ensure that spaces are available and reserved for you.   Parking Permits must be displayed in each car.  


St Mary’s School

Please get in touch immediately if any car parking spaces are required for staff or visitors to the school so that we can confirm if a space is available and for how long.  The driver must display a Parking Permit in their car. Would you be able inform parents that no parking is allowed on site even for a short time?


St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

If there are occasions when worshippers wish to use St Mary’s Car Park then they will need to gain permission for each car on each occasion, and display a Parking Permit.


To request the reservation of spaces or for further enquiries please get in touch.


In order to make the car park and church building safe for both pedestrians and drivers, the PCC has decided that the following conditions will apply from Sunday 18th February 2018:


Cars must only be parked within designated parking spaces.  When the car park is full, please use the overflow car park in school.


Please be considerate to other drivers and passengers who may need closer parking to the church.  We will continue to review the provision of parking spaces for disabled drivers and passengers as we implement these conditions.


The area immediately in front of the church must be kept free of parked cars. (The parking space immediately outside the west doors blocks emergency exits from the building, and it is our intention to remove this).  We will review the area as a drop off area only.


The three parking spaces immediately opposite the church doors are for residents’ use and are only to be used by arrangement with residents.


We will continue to review the use of the car park, and listen to users so that we can improve the facility.  We will also install new signage.




Some of our car parking spaces are available to rent using the just park website or app.  Click on the link below.