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It's not just a name and a border fence that we share!  St Mary's School is an integral part of our life as a community of faith, sharing values, praying and worshipping together, working alongside each other to provide a loving and reasurring atmosphere of tolerance and respect.


Each Wednesday during term time, children from school attend Mass at St Mary's Church, and participate by reading, serving, leading prayers, presenting gifts, and singing.


All are welcome to this Mass, and we extend a special invitation to families, parents, carers and members of the wider congregation.


Spiritual development is a vital aspect of the ethos of the school, and time and space are given to allow Christians and non-Christians to pray together and separately.


Please do visit the school website for more information!


Several members of our congregation are members of the Governing Body of the school.


Each Half Term, beginning Spring 2018, we produce LINK, a leaflet for children and families of St Mary's School, to inform, enrich, inspire and connect


It is avilable to download and as a paper copy in church and school!


Click on the image to download the most recent copy!



SMTV School Mass LINK Spring 1 2018

You can also listen to some of the homilies given at the Mass on Wednesday through Soundcloud!  Here is the first one from January 31st, 2018

Commitments 1

We regard the school as part of the life of the church in this parish and an extension of our mission and ministry in the community, and we will provide pastoral care, support teaching and learning, and value the well-being of staff, children and their families.


We will regularly pray for the school and provide  opportunities for the whole school community to share in this life of prayer.


We value and celebrate the diversity of the school, and will encourage friendship and understanding between people of different faiths and cultures so that, together, we can strengthen the life of the whole community.


We will enable and provide worship which is child friendly and encourages participation of children of all ages, so that they can experience worship which is  nurturing and enlivening.


We will nurture children in the Christian Faith, and  engage with children and families in their journey of faith.


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