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The Church of St Mary the Virgin on Bute Street was built in 1843, a response to the growing population and industrial expansion of Cardiff.  The community of which it is a part has changed much over the years. The church community which worships here is proud of its multi-cultural past and recognises the changing shape of Cardiff city centre, and the vast amount of redevelopment and building which is happening around and near to us.


The Parochial Church Council is exploring different ways in which our resources at St Mary’s, including the building and grounds, can be developed to strengthen church and community life.


In looking at the best way to utilise our buildings and resources, we look to the existing needs of the immediate community of Butetown, the Bay and the city but are also attempting to anticipate the future development and the needs which will be presented to us by the changing landscape of the city centre.


The six proposals are ideas which we are extending to others for consultation, shaping and reshaping, so we can ensure that all our projects and activities address real need, strengthen community life, and enrich the lives of others.


We are keen to listen – and respond!


Use the drop down menu above to explore each of the six areas, or download the document in Colour PDF or Word format





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Invitation to Community Partners



The Church of St Mary the Virgin has stood the test of time, witnessing many changes and developments, needs and issues, and we continue to be part of this vibrant community of Butetown and Cardiff.  As the city grows and develops around us, we want to remain an important and significant part, addressing need, and placing our resources at the heart of the communities we serve.


The enclosed document Exploring the Shape of Things to Come       outlines the direction we are beginning to take but we are keen to work with others so that our vision can be shaped and formed through strong and creative partnerships which will strengthen community life.


You are invited to a

Partnership and Public Consultation Meeting

on Wednesday 19th July

at St Mary’s Church


There are two different time slots arranged at 3.30pm and 5.30 pm


It will hep us in our planning if you can let us know if you would like to attend, either by telephone, text, twitter or email, and also inform other possible partners.  If you are unable to attend but are interested in exploring possibilities with us then we would also love to hear from you.


Yours sincerely,



Fr Dean Atkins

Parish Priest






You can download our Vision Document (PDF 149 MB) by clicking here on the cover picture


A Text only version is available here (Word 25.8 KB)