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There are many opportunities to pray and worship at St Mary's - on Sundays and throughout the week.


The source and summit of our worship is the celebration of the Mass.  On Sundays and Solemn Feast Days the Mass is Sung and lasts about an hour.  On weekdays, it is said, and usually takes about 20 min- 25 minutes.


However, there are also many other expressions and experiences of prayers such as Morning and Evening Prayer, the Rosary, and, particularly during Lent, such things as Stations of the Cross.


However, our life of prayer and worship isn't confined to the church building.  The church is a community of faith.  Even when we are physically apart from our brothers and sisters in Christ, we are united in prayer and worship, and we provide means through which this life can be nurtured and sustained.


Please do explore the worshipping life of our parish using the drop down links above.



Sunday Mass

Our Parish Mass on Sunday at 11.00 am at St Mary's is always a joyful occasion, with all ages represented.


We use a lovely blend of traditional and modern music, and the Mass is celebrated in both a relaxed and dignified way.


The Mass involves many different people: from proclaiming the Scriptures and leading the people in prayer, to presenting the gifts of bread and wine at the altar, serving and singing, as well as, of course, those involved in our Children’s Ministry and the Ministry of Welcome and Hospitality.


An important part of our celebrations is our time together after Mass.  Tea and coffee is available, and all are warmly invited to join us.


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